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    Best accounts receivable software: Freshbooks

    Are you a businessman, but you are tired of using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, pen and paper, or accounting software designed for small business but not working for yours? Then it time to switch to freshbooks cloud accounting. Freshbooks accounting software makes working very easy and even painless, it also allows you to spend less time working on your accounting and you will have enough time to do what you like.

    What Is Freshbooks?

    Freshbooks is a web-based (cloud-oriented) account reliable software designed to cater for small businesses such as marketing, legal services, trades, home services, petty marketing and even small Information Technology (IT) business.

    Time is a very important asset, spending too much time on your account can be very dangerous and business killing, as there are many other assignments to do other than balancing account. Research made it known that freshbook cloud software help saves an average of 16 hours in a month. Today millions of people are using freshbooks.

    Freshbooks Features:

    • Easy to understand report.
    • Easily capture expenses
    • Collaborate with contractors
    • It a web-based accounting solution
    • Log every hour with time tracking
    • Helps balance account at the end of the month.
    • Multi-language invoice

    Who Is It For?

    Freshbooks account receivable software is for every self-employed entrepreneur, agencies, firms and even consultancies who wishes to run a smooth and efficient business and also business owners who wish to optimize their time and spend limited time on accounting.

    How Does It Work?

    If you are currently running a business or just getting started, you have no worries as freshbooks account receivable software is here to help you make accounting painless and easy while focusing on your passion.

    Follow the following steps to get started:
    • Open an account with fresh books- it is necessary to sign up with the freshbooks site.
    • Make your first invoice- billing your clients to start here, make your invoice with many options to create and patronages it.
    • Accept credit cards- freshbooks will provide you with several options to choose from to get payments, but you get paid faster by accepting credit cards.
    • Track time – after the whole day, you then track your time and you are done.

    Freshbooks Pros And Cons


    • It very easy to use.
    • Cloud-based oriented i.e. no software to install
    • It provides more capabilities that other billing application such as pay simple, blink sale.
    • Invoices are easy to create.
    • It provides clients with online payment option (credit cards)
    • It gives a unique graphical interface.
    • Time tracking by the project.
    • It also integrates with a number of credit card companies.


    • Database structure appearance is not rational enough.
    • The balance sheet is a bit cumbersome i.e. it hard to work with.
    • Template emails do not give a quick warning before they are applied to invoice.
    If you have completely read through this review, I am sure you know Fresh-books is the right option for your business irrespective of how small it is. Fresh-books is an investment in you, don’t let another month of painful invoicing and balancing slowed you down.
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    Best Accounting Software: Quickbooks

    QuickBooks is a software package for financial accountants. More specifically, it helps them when it comes to managing financial reports, credit card use, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. QuickBooks controls 85% of the accounting software market for small businesses. This popularity stems from the fact that it offers many benefits to its users. Here are some of them.


    Managing Cash Flows within the Business

    This software helps you keep track of your transactions because you can enter payment information for recurring bills. This information includes due dates. Conducting audits in the future would be a straightforward process when this kind of data is available. Additionally, you can view all your transaction information on a single platform.


    Interestingly, you can link your bank account to QuickBooks helping you manage your money from a central location. In fact, you can print checks from QuickBooks once the due dates for recurring bills arrive. These features improve financial management in many small businesses because they will track the movement of cash within the company.


    Billing of Expenses

    Enter an expense in QuickBooks and then mark it as billable to your customer if you incurred it because of him. Your client will see it once he goes to his invoices. Popups may notify him of this expense as well. However, the process differs depending on the product you are selling, but the automated notifications are available in each case.


    QuickBooks is excellent because most businesses create worksheets so that accountants can manage and track these expenses. You do not have to do that when you are using QuickBooks. Additionally, marking them as billable to specific customers is impossible in most accounting software. Therefore, QuickBooks is the best one in this respect because the application allows you to do that.


    Tracking Sales and Creating Receipts

    Automatic generation of invoices and receipts is possible if you use QuickBooks. In fact, you can do that at the touch of a button saving a lot of time and money. In fact, you can send them to your customers immediately through email. You can also bill your customers individually or in large batches. Doing it in bulk is practical when you are charging several clients for the same thing.


    Other benefits of this accounting software are possible if you subscribe to QuickBooks Merchant Services. More specifically, this upgraded version helps you accept debit and credit card charges through QuickBooks Pro. Users who use Check Solution for QuickBooks have an added advantage as well. They can scan and then deposit checks into the accounting program.


    Generating Reports in a User-Friendly Way

    Creating financial reports takes time and effort. QuickBooks turns this tedious process into an effortless one. For example, you can create year-over-year income reports at the touch of a button. You can generate the same data for trends and expenses. More importantly, you can export this data into a Microsoft Excel worksheet for additional processing or send it to stakeholders via email. You can perform this function in a user-friendly way because everything happens at the click of a button. Moreover, reading these well-prepared reports will be a straightforward process for you and other stakeholders in the business.